Your First Visit

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Chiropractic services are medical treatments. As such, all patients are required to fill out new patient forms, including your personal health history, why you are seeking chiropractic care, where you feel pain or discomfort, and any past treatments. 

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We consult with each of our new patients, discussing their health history and treatment options. Because spinal misalignment usually requires more than one session to resolve we will also discuss the recommended frequency of treatments.

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During the initial examination we will test your range of motion, sources of pain or discomfort, and discussing any current or past medical conditions that may affect how we treat you.

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Treatment Options

Most patients simply require appointments once a month or every few weeks to realign their spine and relieve their pain. Other patients require frequent scheduled appointments or different techniques altogether, such as decompression, medical laser, nutritional counseling, or weight loss consultation. Our chiropractors can determine the source of your pain and recommend the right treatment for your body.

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Next Steps

After we discuss available treatment options we can decide on a treatment plan that works for your schedule and what your body needs.

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Whole Body Health

The Chiropractic Health Center provides chiropractic services to Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs residents. If you are considering chiropractic care, contact The Chiropractic Health Center at (816)-272-3559.


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